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The Catanduanes State University complies with the conditions of good governance as set by Section 106 of the General Provisions of the FY 2019 General Appropriations Act (GAA) and Section 94 of the General Provisions of the FY 2020 General Appropriations Act (GAA). Available below are the information required of the University under the said directive.

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Bids and Awards Committee

I - Mandate and Functions, Directory of Officials

  • A. Mandate and Functions
  • Pursuant to RA 10229, Catanduanes State University is mandated to primarily provide advanced education, higher technological, professional instruction and training in trade, commerce, fishery, agriculture, arts and sciences, industrial technology, nursing, midwifery, education, engineering, public administration, information technology, and other relevant fields of study. It is also directed to undertake research and extension services, and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.
  • B. Vision
  • A green university globally engaged in island research and innovations for societal advancement.
  • C. Mission
  • Foster excellence, holistic outcomes-based education compliant with the requirements of diverse world market and contribute to the development of productive and value-laden lives
  • D. Goal
  • Uphold the tradition of excellence in instruction, research, extension, and production functions in an eco-friendly environment.
  • E. Core Values
  • Towards fulfilling its strategic direction, the University’s key priorities that shape the university’s future are embodied on its values of:   Respect moves us to understand the gifts and unique contributions of every person in the University community and to value diverse perspectives.

      Integrity gives us the ability to realize the greater good in our actions and programs and challenges us to look at our work and ourselves holistically and as one united with others across the globe.

      Social Responsibility through academic freedom and responsibility; ethical behavior; shared governance and effective stewardship.

      Excellence by consistently striving for outcomes that are exemplary rather than simply satisfactory; progression to academic excellence..

      Commitment binds us to challenge ourselves towards sustainability and to act in harmony with nature through island research and innovations for societal advancement.

    Directory of Officials (Updated on July 19,2021)

Agency Action Plan and Status of Implementation, CY 2019

Agency Action Plan and Status of Implementation, CY 2018

II-Annual Financial Reports

FAR 1, 1A, 1B as of March 31, 2021

FAR 2, 2A as of March 31, 2021

FAR 2 (Fund 163)
FAR 2 (Fund 164)
FAR 2 (Fund 164 Special Trust Fund)

FAR Number 4