Office of Student Support Services

The Office of Student Support Services (OSSS) is the services which aim to enrich the students’ experiences and supplement the academic program through educational, athletic, cultural, spiritual, civic and social activities. The office focuses its efforts on the maximum development of students’ welfare, growth and development. It provides necessary services that assist students in all levels achieve the needed wholesome and challenging activities to their academic success in the University. The OSSS helps the individual student discover his/her potentials and utilize his/her talents and skills to become a functional member of the academic community and a law-abiding citizen of the country.

Contact Information

Phone: 09983463911 - Smart

List of Recognized Organization 2020-2022



SY: 2021-2022

President Ms. Allina Mae I. Pongan  
Vice President for Academics  Ms. Charlyn T. Lizaso  
Vice President for Non-Academics   Ms. Noemi D. Callos 
Vice President for Finance   Ms. Erica S. Tenoria  
Vice President for Audit   Mr. Joshua C. Guerrero 
Vice President for Membership  Ms. Laila Joy G. Clemente 
Vice President for Communication  Ms. Jezryll Quiñones  
Vice President for Media and Publication   Mr. Jonas Andrei L. Amaro  
Secretary General  Ms. Mary Grace Binamera  
Members of the Board  Ms. Vianca Marie G. Aguilar  
  Mr. Justine Khyle Vargas 
  Mr. Dennis Dean T. Sunga  
  Ms. Wendy D. Tomagan 
  Mr. Darcy Rinsfer B. Tabor  
  Mr. Froilyn B. Tevar 
3rd Year Representative BSA 3A Ms. Gayle Irza C. Antonio  
  Ms. Jhillian Lei C. Cabrera
3rd Year Representative BSA 3B Mr. Michael Angelo Z. Tomagan
  Mr. Joshua Churls G. Vargas
3rd Year Representative BSAIS 3A Ms. Kate Lorenz V. Sarmiento
3rd Year Representative BSIA 3A Ms. Carmela Elaine B. Arcilla
2nd Year Representative BSA 2A Ms. Glori Mae Z. Zuniega
  Ms. Louwella S. Umbao  
2nd Year Representative BSA 2B Ms. Jean Armela A. Rapio
  Ms. Danica Camille S. Vargas
2nd Year Representative BSAIS 2A Ms. Anna Clarisse Abrasaldo
  Ms. Lacel T. Del Barrio
2nd Year Representative BSIA 2A Ms. Jusef Angela B. Sorra
  Ms. Ella Rence Tablizo
1st Year Representative BSA 1A Ms. Bea Marie Bernardo
  Ms. Veness Kashmir B. Tuquero
1st Year Representative BSA 1B Ms. Daniella Michelle L. Tesorero
  Mr. Vince Charlton T. Gil
1st Year Representative BSAIS 1A Mr. Chrostian Paul T. Castilla
  Mr. Jason Kidd V. Tayas
1st Year Representative BSIA 1A Ms. Jennifer S. Barbacena
  Ms. Aira C. Del Barrio


Eustaquio, Medel Brezuela
Estrelles, Arvie
Vice President
Tacorda, Imee Tapel Treasurer
BSE-VE 2 F 09954479493
Mendador, Maricel Romero
Alcantara, James
Temeña 1st year Representative
Salon, Mikaella Garcia
2nd year representative BSE-VE
Mr. Jowi B. Resayaga

CatSU List of Scholarship Benefactors SY: 2020-2021

Commission on Higher Education (CHED)

  • CHED Scholarship Program-FSSP

  • CHED Scholarship Program-HSSP

  • CHED-StuFAPs - Full Merit

  • CHED-StuFAPs - Half Merit

  • CHED-Tulong Dunong (3K)

  • CHED-Tulong Dunong (6K)

Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR)

  • Department of Agrarian Reform Scholarship Program

Department of Agriculture (DA)

  • Educational Assistance for the Youth (EAsY AGRI)

Department of Science & Technology (DOST)

  • Department of Science & Tech. - Sci. Educ. Institute (DOST-SEI) Scholarship Program

Department of Agriculture & CHED

  • Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund-Grants-in-Aid for Higher Education Program (ACEF-GIAHEP)

Agricultural & Rural Development for Catanduanes, Inc. (ARDCI)

  • (ARDC) Group of Companies Inc.


  • ARDCIBank Scholarship Program

Bikol National Association of America (BNAA)

  • Bikol National Association of America (BNAA) Scholarship Program

Camalig Bank Foundation

  • Camalig Bank Foundation Scholarship Program

Government Services Insurance System

  • Government Services Insurance System (GSIS) Scholarship Program

Sunwest Care Foundation

  • Sunwest Care Foundation Scholarship Program


  • TES - Expanded Students Grants-in-Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation (TES - ESGP-PA)

Caramoran Municipal Government

  • LGU-Caramoran Municipal Scholarship Program

Catanduanes Association in USA

  • Catanduanes Association in USA (CAUSA) Scholarship Grant

CARITAS Virac Justice & Peace, Inc.

  • Youth Servant Leadership Education Program

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