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At the forefront facing the eastern pacific seaboard, is the Catanduanes State University, one of the distinguished state universities in the region. Driven by firm resolve in upholding the tradition of excellence through united front and consistent spirit.

The CatSU towards its golden year: Sustaining pathways of excellence in the new normal


The CatSU towards its golden year:  Sustaining pathways of excellence in the new normal



Dr. Freddie T. Bernal, Ph. D., CESO III

OIC President, CatSU

Regional Director, CHEDRO V


(In the occasion of the 2020 Founding and Charter Anniversary

of the Catanduanes State University, October 19, 2020)



Fellow workers in the academe, ladies and gentlemen:



            Good morning and my greetings of a grand blissful day to all of you. Happy founding and charter anniversary to each one of us. We have journeyed on our 49th this year, a prelude to our golden anniversary next year as an institution. We have also crossed the 8th milestone year as a university since its conversion from then Catanduanes State Colleges into what it is now, the Catanduanes State University. It is to the credit of the former Congressman of Catanduanes, Hon. Cesar V. Sarmiento when he authored Republic Act No. 10229 on October 2012 the conversion of CSC to a university. It is a leap forward to greater challenge when it was first established as a college through RA 6341 authored by the late Congresssman of Catanduanes, Jose M. Alberto. This day, we extend and re-affirm our words of appreciation and gratitude to them and for their visionary efforts as we bask in the glory of what our beloved Catanduanes State University has been today.


            As we start with the celebrations this week where most of which shall be done through virtual mode under the present circumstances obtaining in the new normal; we must, however, go on with equal vigor and enthusiasm despite the limitations of space and proximity because our Alma Mater, our University, deserves no less except our unwavering love, devotion, and commitment that it owes in our heart.


            At this juncture, let me take this opportunity to thank all of you present here today; to our Board of Regents, school officials led by our Vice-Presidents, Deans of the different Colleges, Directors, Chiefs of Offices, Faculty members, Non-teaching staff and employees both regular and temporary, the different working committees, the students and alumni, for your show of support and cooperation to make this annual event happen, despite the deviation from the usual set up that we were accustomed to  because of the pandemic. This too will pass, and what is indeed important is the burning faith in us that God’s providence rules everything, while nothing at the very least happens without a purpose. It is just our joyful surrender to that purpose that we let go and we let God, while we do the best we could with a faithful devotion to duty. Thus, for all your efforts and commitment done or those which still need to be done for the good of this annual event, and for the good of the University, I extend my deep appreciation and thanks. Keep up the good work and keep safe always.


            Also, we remember our colleagues who were once part of this institution for their faithful service and commendable contribution to this institution. They remain as our guiding light and inspiration for all of us who are yet within the frontlines of keeping the pace to excellence of this institution. Their footprints and legacy should never go in vain indeed. Noteworthy to mention at this point is my sincere and profound appreciations and gratitude to my predecessor, then SUC President III, Dr. Minerva I. Morales. She was at the helm of this institution as its 6th President in 2011 and the first University President since 2012 until August of 2020 when I took the reign of the University on August 1, 2020 as Officer-in-Charge President, while at the same time performing my duties as current Regional Director of CHED in Bicol. Undeniably, I reiterate my warm recognition to my predecessor, Dr. Morales at this most opportune time for instilling vitality and creating new pathways of excellence to the institution as a University. Her works of distinctions for the University through the decades deserve my utmost recognition as your new OIC President. Again, thank you very much Dr. Morales for the leadership legacy to the University to what it is now today.


Along with that, we express with equal appreciations to those past Presidents of this institution the faculty and non-teaching personnel, both living and dead for their selfless dedication and commitment to their tour of duty when they were once in this institution. We remember them too with fond memories and appreciations.


            As your Officer-in-Charge President, I personally feel the warmth of your welcome, and yet still, much more await everyone of us, so that I take this responsibility with much enthusiasm to serve and work with you, because I love working for my fellow Catandunganons especially you now who are the present strong constituents of the University, and I love even more, working for the Catanduanes State University, my Alma Mater. Let us walk a new and dynamic pathways of excellence attuned to the global parameters of quality, relevant, responsive and development-driven higher education agenda. As your CHED Regional Director, a fellow Catandunganon and OIC President, you have a special part in my heart in helping you walk that extra mile, and I believe all of us will join me in that meaningful journey that we are starting now. Let us join hands and keep the faith and passion for the good of the University.  

            And so, it is but fitting that our theme of this year’s founding and charter anniversary, “The CatSU towards its golden year: Sustaining pathways of excellence in the new normal” comes to light as a challenge and hope for everyone to reflect as part of the Catanduanes State University family.  


            There has never been more or less in anyone of us. For there has never been one as  a matter of universal truth, except that each is given a unique share to make this world a beautiful place to live. Pretty much the same with everyone of us now who are still within the fold of the Catanduanes State University. Make every moment of your presence in the University a beautiful encounter with the norm of genuine public service anchored on public responsibility whether officials or rank-in-file, temporary or regular. It is not being in authority or having none at all. It is instead a commitment to achieve a goal serving the public good in a way that can stand the way of both lawful and moral scrutiny. When in conflict of what is lawful or moral, the option is clear. Always stand in the way of moral order no matter how narrow the road is, and sometimes painful. As your new OIC President, I will always join you in your rightful journey, as long as it is in accord with what our theme expects us to do: to sustain the pathways of excellence, no matter how rough the edges may be.


            In this celebration that we are starting today, let us re-affirm that commitment with a new resolve. All for the good of our beloved Catanduanes State University. And, the time is now. Together, let us walk as one in this new, meaningful journey of the University.

            Dios mabalos po saindo gabos.

            Long live Catanduanes State University.