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CatSU honors ‘Sir Impling’ - the Man behind the Happy Island’s Best “𝐋𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐤, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐓𝐢𝐥𝐦𝐨𝐤”

Awards and Recognitions

Catanduanes State University (CatSU), headed by Dr. Patrick Alain T. Azanza, SUC President III, honored Mr. Simplicio G. Mendoza with the Lingap sa Diwa ng CatSU Award in a simple yet memorable ceremony, witnessed by the University’s key officials at CatSU Conference Room on January 13, 2023.

Mr. Mendoza, who is fondly called “Impling”, is a retired professor and extension worker at the University.  His award was given for his selfless contribution to creatives and industry.

Sir Impling provided visual design for important cultural events in the community.  As an extension worker and entrepreneur, he raised the standards of decorative arts and virtual artistry. He developed local products in the handicrafts and the food industry thereby providing livelihood opportunities to others.

Most importantly, his research skills and passion to do great allowed him to develop, standardize, and perfected the island’s famous “latik, and tilmok” – a signature mark in the province’s culture and identity.  

“The signature ‘Impling’ (Tatak Impling) is indeed being felt and I believe that it is but fitting recognition to honor your contributions, and at the same time appreciate your talents and skills which hopefully could be passed on to the next generations,” Dr. Azanza said.

The president was also nostalgic as he vividly recalled the days when he was still a student of Prof. Mendoza, and gladly shared fond memories of how to create various products out of rattan.

“Your unique way of imposing discipline by ensuring that our finished products are perfect truly translated into excellence”, Dr. Azanza recalled.

“The kind of passion that you have makes you unique that even as you leave the school, as you moved on to higher learning, you bring it all along with you and the wisdom reverberates, reminding us of the lessons that eventually prove very valuable in our career. Even as I perform my role as SUC President, I still live with the lessons I learned from you about creativity and excellence and not just be contented with mediocrity,” the president added.

Dr. Azanza also emphasized in his message that the value of meritocracy, which he is adopting in the University, happens partly because of the lessons he learned from Prof. Mendoza – that is to see the importance of quality and excellence in outputs, and that premium should be given to those who go beyond and excel.

“The university came up with this award and we hope that you would know how much you are appreciated by CatSU, the community, and the entire island because Impling Mendoza is Impling Mendoza. You are one of a kind. You belong to a generation of trailblazers and CatSU needs you to be able to pass on to the next generation of CatSU students and employees this God-given talent and expertise that should not perish not just in the university but in the island as a whole,” Dr. Azanza said.  

The key officials present namely Dr. Ramon Felipe Sarmiento, Vice President for Research, Extension, and Production Affairs, Dr. Maria Edna R. Inigo, Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Atty. Gregorio M. Sarmiento, Jr., Chief Administrative Officer, Prof. Zyra Mae T. Tumala, CIRCPDS Director, and the Corporate Communications Services Staff shared flashback recollections of the good old days, which also made Prof. Mendoza emotional with tears of joy when it was his time for the acceptance speech.

“Dai ko pigaexpect na tatawan ako ng ganitong award. Basta sa kapinoonan, ang asa isip ko ay maging maogma sana ako sa gabos na yagibo ko lalo na pag nakakatabang ako sa ibang tawo. Gabos na yagibo ko, ginibo ko nin may kaogmahan. Salamat sana nin dakula sa ondra na tinao nyo sa sakuya,” Sir Impling said.  

Apart from being a full-time entrepreneur after his retirement, Sir Impling continuously shares his talents and skills with the CatSU students as part-time faculty and trainer in the community extension service programs of the University. #CVecilles