Pres. Azanza Inspects CatSU Infra Projects

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Pres. Azanza Inspects CatSU Infra Projects

CatSU President Dr. Patrick Alain T. Azanza, conducted an ocular visit with the Commission on Audit (COA) Resident Auditor, Dirma T. Frias at the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Building Site 2, on July 9, 2021.  With them are Dr. Lily P. Custodio, VP for Academic Affairs; Dr. Edna R. Inigo, VP for Admin. and Financial Affairs; and Architect Jose G. Ong, Dean  of the College of Industrial Technology.  

President Azanza stressed the need to conduct an ocular inspection and pre-audit before the release of payment for progress billing of big projects. This is aimed to make sure that  the claimed progress status and quality of infrastructure of the projects being billed are in order. Pres. Azanza emphasized that it is not enough that there is Transparency in the University. He said there should also be Integrity and Accountability. Thus, he emphasized that University officials must personally monitor the implementation  of the projects because we must be responsible and prudent when it comes to spending the people's money. "I will not release payment to contractors of big ticket projects without conducting ocular inspection and pre-audit by our resident COA Auditor," he said as he emphasized the new procedure under his Administration. He did this after he noted that negative slippage and contract variations in the University's infrastructure projects have become the norm rather than the exception before he took over the helm of CatSU.

Pres. Azanza is regularly seen on campus inspecting the buildings and surroundings, usually unannounced. This early, he is seen as a hard working president who does not mind rolling up his sleeves and one who goes out of his airconditioned room to see for himself what is happening on the ground. The public sees the new CatSU President as a very open and approachable person, willing to listen to the clamor of University constituents. He talks to students, teachers, staff and parents while he makes the rounds in the campus, getting feedbacks and inputs directly from the people in the field.

During today's ocular visit, Pres. Azanza, who is a well-known HRD practitioner,  also emphasized that part of CatSU's social responsibility is to ensure that all contractors of CatSU projects are paying their own workers and laborers in accordance with DOLE minimum wage order.

Pres. Azanza was emphatic in saying that the University should be seen as a role model in the community, and it could be done by observing best practices, and checks and balances. Pres. Azanza assures the CatSU community that serious reforms are being done in the University.

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