AACCUP holds first online accreditation survey visit for 6 CatSU programs

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AACCUP holds first online accreditation survey visit for 6 CatSU programs

Virac, Catanduanes- The Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) held its virtual first survey visit to five undergraduate and one graduate programs of the Catanduanes State University on May 10-14, 2021.

Among the programs accredited were Bachelor of Science in Accounting in Information System, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling and Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education from the Main Campus and Panganiban Campus.

The online survey visit was composed of 16 accreditors from various Philippine State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), sub-divided into two clusters with 8 accreditors each cluster.

All six programs were assessed in ten areas that include; (1) VMGO; (2) Faculty; (3) Curriculum and Instruction; (4) Support to Students; (5) Research; (6) Extension and Community Involvement; (7) Library; (8) Physical Plant and Facilities; (9) Laboratories; and (10) Administration.

The opening program of the week-long online accreditation survey was held on May 10 with OIC- President, Dr. Freddie T. Bernal’s words of welcome.  Meanwhile, during the exit conference on May 14, the AACCUP coordinators of the two clusters namely Dr. Wilson M. Sayaboc from Cebu Technological University and Dr. Carlo T. Nabo from West Mindanao State University, shared some of their impressions and challenges during the survey and presented the synthesis of evaluation for programs visited.  Generally, the impressions of the accreditors about their overall experience to the virtual first survey visit at CatSU were good which means that the continuous commitment to excellence of the university to maintain the certain level of educational standards together with the massive and overwhelming support from the management has attained CatSU’s track of ensuring quality and excellent education.  Attendees of the exit conference were the Vice-Presidents, Deans, Chiefs of Offices and Directors of the university.

On behalf of the AACCUP accreditors, Dr. Nabo, expressed his gratitude for the commendable and successful undertaking of the university. He further said, “Excellence is not being the best; it is doing your best.”  The spirit of enthusiasm and the commitment and dedication to hurdle the challenges of the online accreditation shown by the whole CatSU team were likewise recognized by the accreditors.

The virtual survey that includes the opening meeting, exit conference, interview, class observations and virtual tour was done via zoom and the review of documents was done via web portal and google drive. The undertaking was facilitated by the Quality Assurance Services headed by Dr. Erlinda F. Tabor in cooperation with the accreditation task forces of the six programs as well as the Public Relations and Media Communications Services.

To show CATSU’s gratefulness on the accreditation teams’ hard work, Certificates of Commendation were virtually awarded to the AACCUP accreditors.

AACCUP’s official decision and the complete report of findings and recommendations are to be released soon.#GZafe

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