RDS sponsors research writing seminar-workshop

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RDS sponsors research writing seminar-workshop

The Research and Development Services (RDS) led by its Director, Dr. Jimmy T. Masagca, under the Research, Extension and Production Affairs (REPA) Division headed by Vice-President, Dr. Lily P. Custodio, conducted a seminar-workshop in research publishing on January 22-24, 2020 at Kemji Resort and Restaurant  Function Hall, Virac, Catanduanes.


 “Publish or perish, “ said Dr. Minerva I. Morales, CSU President, “ has long been the burden of every aspiring university or college faculty or professor. But the quest6ion the island-based Catanduanes State University must decide on how to explore ways to improve research publishing—to print journal copies or to have open access publishing.”  Dr. Morales added that the project attempts to contribute to the national development objectives of improving the quality of research and innovation in the Philippines.

 Research enthusiasts in the province, graduate school students, together with some participating teachers in the Division of Catanduanes and other faculty researchers of the Catanduanes State University (CSU) were in attendance during the two-day research event. Invited also in the seminar were those researchers who were working on their manuscripts, thesis or dissertations wherein they were at least done with their data collection.


 Dr. Masagca said that the activity is aimed to cascade best practices in research writing and journal publishing; thus, ensuring quality in research publishing as well.


Topics covered during the session were: Retrieval of digital documents from the Internet; Use of Statistical Software; Scientific Paper Writing and Publication Process; and the Publication Process in CSU Academic Journal.

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