Research proposals now on final review

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Research proposals now on final review

CatSU President Dr. Patrick Alain T. Azanza called for a meeting among all the Deans of the Colleges for the final review of the faculty research proposals towards the granting of contracts for in-house funding by the University.

There are a total of 17 research proposals under Science and Technology and the non-Science and Technology Division, 10 of which were subjected  to TEC Evaluation, 3 were deferred for various reasons, and a total of 7 that are now recommended for contract.

Also present during the meeting were Dr. Lily P. Custodio, VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Edna R. Iรฑigo, VP for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Ramon Felipe A. Sarmiento, VP for Research, Extension and Production Affairs, Dr. Jimmylen Z. Tonio, Officer-in-Charge for Research Development Services.

It can be recalled that Dr. Azanza emphasized the importance of supporting the research endeavors of students and faculty and made it even a tall order that the students and faculty development programs must be of primordial concern, noting that the human resource is vital to a well-functioning organization. He further stressed about the (research) outputs of students, of faculty researchers that should be geared towards what the province and the region need.

โ€œI want you to help me do this as we mentor in their researches, let us guide them to do something that are really very important to the provinceโ€, Dr. Azanza said. #cvecilles


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