Working President: Dr. Azanza in a series of consultations with different line agencies

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Working President: Dr. Azanza in a series of consultations with different line agencies

CatSU President Azanza shares his vision of HOPE for the happy island as he met with government agency officials Wednesday, July 21, to ensure that the envisioned CatSU Agro-Industrial Economic and Processing Zone will be supported by key sectors and stakeholders. 

Dr. Azanza had a short but historical dialogue with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and discussed matters pertaining to how the fisher folks can be assisted by CatSU's fishery development programs. He also met with CatSU officers from the Planning, Development & Information System Services regarding the implementation of a tehcnology-driven Smart campus, and the Department of Trade & Industry officials about future partnerships in entrepreneurial projects for students and the community. The President also had a good talk with the Chief of Department of Agrarian Reform about agricultural lands which CatSU can utilize and enrich. 

Capping the day was a significant visit by no less than the Chief of ARDCI, the leading Microfinance company in the province, Mr. Victor Bernal, and the Board of Regents Private Sector Representative, Hon. Aida A. Dianela with discussion about microfinance and scholarship grants.

"I wanted to make sure that we get feedback from the experts so that our Team can fine tune the details of the plans and programs that will form the core of this grand project of the University", he said. 

The president expressed his gratitude to all who essentially participated in the consultative meeting. "The four sessions with industry experts were exactly what our Team needed to make refinements in our Comprehensive Development Plan for CatSU", he added.  #cvecilles

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