Dr. Azanza - CatSU Dream Team is complete and ready to serve

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Dr. Azanza - CatSU Dream Team is complete and ready to serve

A two-day Management Development Program Training and Team building was held at the CatSU Conference Room July 15-16, 2021. The activity was attended by all the designated officials who were mandated by the CatSU President to ensure that they are all informed of their roles and responsibilities, including the laws, rules, and regulations. “I want the University to have proper on-boarding of our new batch of Officials because it is only fair for them to know what to expect about their roles, and know what people expect of them”, he said. 

The Opening remarks on the first Day was given by the President himself, welcoming his dynamic team. The first Resource Speaker was Ma. Sionne May T. Crispino, Admin Officer V of the Human Resources Management Services, who discussed about Personnel Matters and Civil Services Rules. She was followed by Dr. Bernardino C. Abundo, Jr. the Director of Planning, Development & Information System Services, and discussed about Strategic Planning. Mr. Santos B. Sorra, the Chief Administrative officer of Finance talked about Financial Management/Source of Funds, while Dr. Lily P. Custodio, Vice-President for Academic Affairs discussed about Faculty Manual. Atty. Nikko Rey Aicetel M. Santelices capped the Day 1 with the topic, University Code. 

The Second day became more interesting with topics such as Research and Extension in the Academe, by Prof. Estrella T. Tribiana, Chairperson of the Natural Science Department, followed by the Resident Auditor, Ms. Dirma T. Frias who talked about COA Rules. In the afternoon, Hon. Aida A. Dianela, Private Sector Representative, BOR shared her expertise on Strategic Communication and Professional Conduct, while Nikko Franco B. Templonuevo, Provincial Information Officer, and Fred Benedict Gianan simultaneously discussed about PR & Crisis Management, and Basic Photojournalism. Pres. Azanza capped the training and discussed about Parliamentary procedures.


Dr. Azanza thanked all the resource speakers for sharing their invaluable contribution on the various topics presented to the key officials, and each was given their Certificate of Appreciation. “I was told that this is the first time that the University is holding this kind of capacity building activity for newly-appointed University Officials to prepare everyone for their roles”, he said. 

The president is hopeful that his team is properly armed with what is needed for a particular purpose, the vitality of Key Officials’ respective roles. “I want my Team to be empowered and to know their duties and responsibilities. I want them to be armed with the proper wherewithal so they can be successful in fulfilling their assigned roles. We need to ensure that everyone works together towards achieving our Vision and Mission to be the HOPE of our Happy Island”, he said. 

Dr. Azanza expressed his elation as he hopes that with the MDP training, his Team is in tip-top shape. “I am blessed to have a set of enthusiastic, experienced, talented and well-meaning people in my Team. We are not perfect but we complement each other. Each one has a strong trait to contribute. We are now all ready to serve for the good of our beloved island,” he added. #cvecilles

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