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Catanduanes State University Hymn
Music by Prof. Leticia A. Tolledo Lyrics by Gerry S. Rubio

With fervor in our hearts,
we blaze the trail of knowledge,
In unison, we proclaim your splendor,
As we march towards the future.


Catanduanes State University,
Builder of hope, our vision’s
robust groundwork.
Catanduanes State University,
Our very own CSU!

With unfaltering faith,
We implore God’s blessing,
That our dreams bloom into fruition,
And bring us all to our shared aspiration;
Together, we hail, and resound thy glory!
Pillar of wisdom, wellspring of virtue,
Our truly lofty CSU.

Verdant gem in the eastern seas,
Your radiance illumines our path;
From this island to the global community,
We pledge to hoist your name,
With esteem and dignity.

(Repeat Refrain)

Choral Rendition by CSU Voices – Prof. Cresencia G. Arcilla, conductor. Sound recording by Virgil Rodrigueza. Accompaniment by Arcilla’s Band


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