Cross Registration/Enrollment

  • Cross-enrollment is allowed one week after the start of regular classes.
  • Cross-enrollment is allowed only to graduating students provided the course/s is/are not offered in the University and must have the same course description, the same number of units, and must not be a major course.
  • A student is allowed to cross-enroll in only one institution within a term. The course/s to be cross-enrolled must be approved by the Dean and authorized by the Registrar.
  • A graduating student is not allowed to cross-enroll his/her last course/s in other institution if he/she does not have any course enrolled at CSU.
  • A student coming from other institutions shall be allowed to cross-enroll within the enrolment period only, with a permit to cross-enroll from the Registrar of his/her institution specifying the total number of units and the course/s to be cross-enrolled, and subject to availability of slot.
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