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The Catanduanes State University is a public university in the Philippines mandated to provide higher professional and technical instruction and training in business education and commerce; and for special purposes, to promote research, advance studies, and progressive leadership in the field of education, business education and commerce

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Pursuant to R.A. No. 7722, also known as the “Higher Education Act of 1994” and CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 55 s. 2016, which underlines the guidelines and strategic framework of the internationalization of the Philippine Higher Education, the Catanduanes State University, embarks on the internationalization of higher education as a foremost academic institution in the Bicol Region.

Mandated to provide higher education and innovative technological, professional instruction in the fields of trade, commerce, fishery, agriculture, arts and sciences, industrial technology, nursing, midwifery, education, engineering, public administration, information technology, and other appropriate areas of study, the Catanduanes State University aims to further advance the quality of education program resulting to comprehensive exchange of globally recognized ideas, methods of teaching, and other related strategies which contributes to the development of productive and value-laden lives.

The progressive cycle of globalization has influenced the position of each country in relation to enduring the requirements of the diverse world. As education is one of the contributing factors in producing a globally competitive individual, transnational education programs for advanced theoretical and technical knowledge acquisition on global scale.

Recognizing that the Catanduanes State University envisions itself as a green university globally engaged in island research and innovations for societal advancement, the internationalization of higher education will be a befitting approach to uphold idea as ecology and global interdependence effecting growth and development has crossed borders and has become a vital concern of the world.

The transfer of knowledge and ideas through the internationalization of higher education does not exclusively depend on physical movements of a student and/or faculty member taking an entire degree, immersion, or on-the-job training in another country. Academic cooperation agreements commonly executed through distance learning, joint research, exchange of art, cultural and other collaborative activities are other methods of acquiring learnings through international linkages. Hence, international collaborative research and extension programs shall enable the Catanduanes State University to position itself as a center for advanced island research and innovations.

The internationalization of a higher education institution is geared towards the establishment of profound learning of participants on a respective field of study. A comprehensive program for the internationalization of the University shall be put in place to ensure that the learnings acquired will be engaged to significant members of the academe. It is vital for the University to determine which among the fields of study available are relevant to the curriculum and needs of the society to maximize the end-result benefits.

While international collaborative engagements present itself as a method of n-depth knowledge expansion, admission of foreign students and engaging foreign faculty members in Catanduanes State University through inbound/cross-border internationalization program, five years hence, shall place the University as a center for academic excellence and international affairs. A holistic approach to the program shall be exemplified to inculcate a firm educational, social, and cultural foundation among the participants of the cross-border study program.

The University shall establish an International Affairs Office that is guided by a streamlined framework ensuring a seamless execution of the program. It shall run the internationalization program anchored to the University’s vision and core functions of instruction, research and extension enabling to undertake the dynamic flow of knowledge and cultural diversity while protecting the country’s national interest and cultural identity.

Aimed towards educational advancement, the fundamental goal of the internationalization of higher education in the Catanduanes State University is to produce globally competitive and highly employable graduates resulting to poverty alleviation and societal advancement.

With a clear goal, structured academic program and seamless execution, the internationalization of Catanduanes State University shall contribute in the continuous upholding of its academic reputation and will place the University as a model of academic excellence beyond regional and national borders. (csu/strategic plan/2019-2023)

The design of the Catanduanes State University (CSU) International Affairs Office emblem reflects both the local and global focus of the learning system of the University in spurring knowledge generation and advancement. At its center is the globe signifying its international adaptability and mobility among its higher education outputs and initiatives. The four rounded structures depict human figures embracing one another around the globe. They represent multi-races, professional and clients of CSU-IAO across all career orientations represented by their varying colors as they are bound by the purpose of enhancing global competitiveness, linkages and partnerships from local to the international market and industries. (cir/prmcs)


The International Affairs Office is established in the following thrusts:

  • 1. Strong Internationalization policies;

  • 2. Provision of curricular programs compliant to global standards;

  • 3. Establishment and maintenance of University International Student Center;

  • 4. Strong global linkages, networks and partnerships among Higher Education Institutions both local and international;

  • 5. Establishment of Center for Language programs for foreign students;

  • 6. Provision of Transnational Education programs;

  • 7. Functional and enabling international research and extension partnerships and collaborations;

  • 8. Membership in International Organizations;

  • 9. Designed 21st Century Learning experiences to local and foreign students; and

  • 10. Strong potential to meet more demanding and changing expectations and ensure credibility in a global world.

To be able to effectively and efficiently meet the thrusts of the unit, the following strategies were recognized:

  • Thoroughly plan, design and implement core projects and programs as well as curriculum offerings that are anchored with international standards and with the University’s functions in instruction, research and extension services.

  • Build and refine linkages, partnerships and memberships with international organizations and other HEIs to provide a wider range of opportunities for scholarships and faculty/student exchange on both inbound/outbound stakeholders

  • Ensure the consistency and sustainability of programs and partnerships of the institution to impact global competitiveness programs

  • Maintain that the policies are well-aligned to Philippine Quality Framework (PQF) and ASEAN Quality Assurance Framework (AQAF) and other International Quality Assurance Standard.

  • Ensure the quality and excellence of the University in delivering and implementing its services in various specialization

  • Timely monitoring and evaluation to make sure that the programs are still meeting its objectives as well as delivered appropriately with the needs of its stakeholders


The International Affairs Office shall play an integral role in the fulfilment of the goals of the Internationalization programs anchored on the University’s core functions of Instruction, Research, and Extension:

A. Organization and Coordination

  • Coordinate to the CSU Colleges/Units and Panganiban Campus on international linkage, partnerships, connections with foreign higher education institutions, relevant academic organizations, and other significant institutions.

  • Participate in the preparation, review, finalization and signing of Memoranda of Agreement and/or Understanding as well as follow-up and coordinate implementation of programs

B. Coordinate visits of foreign delegations and academic officials as well as representatives of international funding agencies

C. Coordinate international academic program offerings that are aligned with core functions of the University that is Instruction, Research and Extension.

D. Exercise a holistic approach that will also engage the participants, especially those participating as an inbound exchange student/faculty, in the areas of arts and sciences, culture and societal relations maintaining respect for national interest and cultural identity.

E. Devise monitoring programs to ensure efficient transfer of knowledge through the program.

F. Monitor record and periodically report on past and potential agreements

The IAO acts as the main secretariat of the Internationalization undertaking of the University, liaising administrative documentation and requirements to ensure the efficient functioning of the program:

  • Implement strategies for broadening and strengthening existing linkages in the areas of arts and sciences, culture and societal relations maintaining respect for national interest and cultural identity with foreign universities, institutions, embassies and agencies

  • Negotiate, disseminate and monitor invitations for fellowships, scholarships, internships, workshops, and training programs

  • Disseminate information on formalized linkages and provisions thereof

  • Brief Deans and Directors of CSU Colleges/Units involved in such linkages with regard to mechanics to be observed, initiation and implementation

  • Consult experts and resource persons in the formulation and presentation of proposals for international programs and activities

  • Assist in providing placements abroad of post graduate students, who are junior members of the faculty and need short training exposure

Officials and Staff

  • Prof. Romeleen Go-Vela - Director, Center for International Relations

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