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Abaca Technology Innovation Center

The Abaca Technology Innovation Center (ATIC) is a collaborative project of the Department of Science and Technology Region V (DOST RO V) and the Catanduanes State University (CatSU). The Center was established on November 21, 2018 and is focused on three things: to discover industrial, pharmacological and other non-traditional applications of abaca, the improvement of post-harvest facilities and equipment, and lastly to develop an abaca information system.
Through ATIC’s innovation center here in Catanduanes, its service is anchored on the 4Ks referring to the thrust of the Philippine Government. The way we create solution for our stakeholders is by focusing on the development of an incubation hub for researchers, students and industry players for them to acquire technologies and information that will provide investment opportunities, education, and research and development innovations.
The ATIC developed three thinking solutions that would address the needs of our clients throughout their daily lives across any environment.

  • Techno Hub 1. Development of Non-traditional Applications of Abaca (DNAA)
  • Techno Hub 2. Abaca Post-Harvest Facilities Improvement (APoHFI)
  • Techno Hub 3. Abaca Information System (AIS)
The ATIC will help you discover unmet user needs, design innovative solutions, develop them into real prototypes and deploy them in the market.

Officials and Staff

  • Prof. Abelisa D. Evangelista - Director, Abaca Technology Innovation Center

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