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The Catanduanes State University is a public university in the Philippines mandated to provide higher professional and technical instruction and training in business education and commerce; and for special purposes, to promote research, advance studies, and progressive leadership in the field of education, business education and commerce


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Admission Overview

The Catanduanes State University is highly committed in providing quality education easily accessible to all competent and talented individuals in support for achieving their dreams and to contribute to the development of value-laden lives.

In preparation the youth’s involvement in nation building, CSU’s main job is the continual improvement of its quality education that ensures excellence necessarily needed for to help progress the quality of life in society. Local Students Individuals who may be admitted to the University based on their performance in the entrance and qualifying examination and have complied the requirements set by the University.

For a baccalaureate degree holder, you are also eligible to apply to various post-graduate programs to pursue further studies. Foreign Students For students from a foreign country that would like to pursue their education in Catanduanes State University and have passed the admission standards same as to local students.

Registration/Enrollment A qualified applicant may enroll on the schedule indicated in the academic calendar released by the University. Students are only considered officially enrolled when their enrolment has been validated by University Registrar and only one curricular program is allowed per student.

Scholarship and Financial Assistance There is a total of 20 funded scholarships and financial assistance available to CSU students, both in the undergraduate and graduate level at CSU. The Office of Student Support Services (OSSS) takes charge on disseminating information of different services, processing of requirements, and monitoring of scholarships/financial assistance which are classified as institutional, government and non-government.

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