The Catanduanes State University is highly committed in providing quality education easily accessible to all competent and talented individuals in support for achieving their dreams and to contribute to the development of value-laden lives. In preparation the youth’s involvement in nation building, CSU’s main job is the continual improvement of its quality education that ensures excellence necessarily needed for to help progress the quality of life in society.


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Academics Overview

The Catanduanes State University (CSU) is a Public Higher Educational Institution (PHEI) that offers a wide array of baccalaureate, masteral, and doctoral degree courses, as well as basic education covering Grades 1-6, Junior and Senior High School that are compliant with the K to 12 curriculum with academic tracks along ABM, HUMSS and STEM. It primarily upholds the tradition of excellence in the quality of education for students in building for them a brighter future, and of being competitive in the global scope. Through continuous improvement of the different strategies in instruction and its drive for academic excellence, the university makes sure that its academic programs are kept relevant with the needs of society in the local, national, regional, and global markets. At CSU, the students are shaped holistically upon the foundations of excellent academic experiences, skills development, and formative values necessary for them to carry on the torch of competence both in the realm of the heart and of the mind. This is guided by a fold of able and competent faculty and responsive academic environment ready to take on the necessities and rigors of sound academic life which is bound by veritable passion for progressive learning in diverse disciplines.

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